Men Think About Sex Every Seven Seconds

If this ‘statistic’ is to be believed then – if my sums are correct- it means men are having naughty thoughts at least 8000 times a day! Surely they have other things to do, like whine about how their team did at the weekend and actually have sex (when they can get it).

Studies on human sexual behaviour do illustrate that male behaviours are typically more sexually motivated than those of females but this ‘every seven seconds’ is completely made up, there is no research whatsoever that supports it. So how often do men think about sex and how can we measure it?

 A 2011 study by scientists at Ohio State University asked 283 students to track their sexual thoughts over the course of a week and found that on average males thought about sex 19 times a day and females, 10 times per day. Although this study offers a more realistic statistic it has two problems. Firstly, the participants were given a golf tally counter to use every time they thought of sex, which surely by its very presence would prompt its carrier to think about sex more often. Secondly, the study relies on self-reporting, which might be influenced by social desirability. For example, women might under-report the number of times they had sexual thoughts and men might over-report in order to conform to sex-type social norms.

The study also asked participants to report how often they thought about their other biological needs such as food and sleep. Men also had more thoughts about food and sleep per day than the women in the study, suggesting (unsuprisingly) that men are selfish and generally more concerned with their needs than women are.

What do you think?

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